Young People’s Concert: Discovering Beethoven’s “Pastoral” Symphony

Beethoven’s only programmatic symphony reminisces on the recollections of a day’s “nature walk” in the country, something the composer found irresistibly refreshing and therapeutic.  As we discuss the genius behind the gurgling brook and other elements of nature masterfully conveyed by Beethoven in this work, we will also make important connections to addressing global climate as well as to themes of ecology and water conservation where they relate to these elements in the music.  Don’t miss this meaningful and enriching, cross-curricular experience.

Cross-Curricular Theme: Science | Presented in partnership with The Tobin Center for the Performing Arts

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This event was the culminating concert for the 2020-2021 Paint Music Contest of the San Antonio Symphony League.

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Painting by Franz Hegi (1774-1850)

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