Music That Makes a Difference

The San Antonio Symphony is about more than just great entertainment. Our mission is to use music to make a difference in our community and the music and musicians of the Symphony are our tools.

Music Director Sebastian Lang-Lessing brings world-class talent, vision and creativity to the Symphony and to the San Antonio community:

  1. His talent and artistic vision have transformed the Symphony both onstage and off.
  2. Since he was named music director in 2010, subscription sales have increased more than 50% and individual donations to the Symphony have increased by more than $500,000.
  3. Through innovative projects and collaborations, especially the annual winter festival, he has helped to enhance the variety and quality of music in San Antonio beyond the Symphony.
  4. The Brahms Festival included 20 partner organizations and 28 performances over five weeks with more than 12,000 attendees.

The musicians of the San Antonio Symphony are not only incredibly talented artists, they also serve as the backbone for San Antonio’s performing arts and music education infrastructure:

  1. Symphony musicians mentor, coach and privately teach music to thousands of children and adults each year across the region.
  2. Symphony musicians are the major teachers at every university in San Antonio and have changed the lives of hundreds of young musicians who they have helped get into college and receive scholarships.
  3. Symphony musicians perform in nearly every live classical event in San Antonio and South Texas and are founders and/or key members of every professional music group in San Antonio.

The music and musicians of the San Antonio Symphony make a real and measurable difference on life in our community:

  1. Participation and exposure to music can make a significant impact on people’s lives.
  2. Participation in music fosters a number of important skills and attributes, including self-reliance, creativity, risk-taking and cooperation.
  3. Studies have shown that exposure and participation in music enhances brain development, improves grades and SAT scores, reduces drug and alcohol abuse, and increases graduation rates and college participation

Music has a significant impact on our economy:

  1. The Symphony, through its education programs and the work of its musicians, helps to develop an innovative workforce in San Antonio and  provides important entertainment and cultural amenities that help attract new workers and businesses to the community.
  2. Studies show that economically successful communities need an innovative workforce and diverse cultural amenities, such as a symphony orchestra, to attract business investment.

The Symphony and its musicians change people’s lives:

  1. Hundreds of talented high-school music students have been able to attend college and receive scholarships because of their interaction with Symphony musicians.
  2. More than 50,000 elementary, middle and high school students get their only exposure to classical music each year through Symphony performances and programs.
  3. Thousands of people’s lives are improved and enhanced each year through their attendance at artistically outstanding Symphony Classics, Pops, Family and Outreach performances.

If YOU Want to Help The Symphony Make A Difference Today, please support us at or call 210-554-1052